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Now, thanks to the Internet, we have a unique opportunity for connection no matter where in the world you are!

I offer 1:1 virtual or phone sessions dedicated to helping people improve their mental-emotional well-being.  I also offer in-person sessions where I currently live, in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.

From those feeling anxious or depressed, having trouble loving themselves, dealing with addiction struggles, to support with relationship challenges and parenting issues too; We can all discover a deeper capacity for love, understanding, stability, self-reflection, and connection.


With the right mindset and practices dedicated to self-love, inner exploration and understanding, any wound can be healed - no matter how impossible it may seem. Utilizing a combination of somatic experiencing, mindfulness techniques, thought examination tools like self-inquiry, inner child work, and exploring thought patterns will bring you back into balance so that your healing journey is filled with peace & clarity.

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