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What People Say

"Dr. Shelyn Somani is truly an amazing physician! Not only does she care for the body but she focuses on the mind. The balance of mental & physical wellness is like nothing I have experienced in the past. She is kind, compassionate & attentive. Having attended some of her workshops I've made major progress is healing physically, emotionally & mentally. I will continue to recommend her to anyone that is struggling with conventional methods in getting better. She has a wide range of options to offer her patients and is willing to go to lengths to see them make progress. Thank you for all that you do!"

"Shelyn is amazing. She makes you feel very comfortable and so cared for. She know exactly what you need."

"Shelyn is compassionate, skilled, creative, understanding and much more. She really helped me shift a lifelong plaguing depression. Thank you!"

"I love my sessions with Shelyn. She is so present, calm and kind. She radiates compassion, and I love the inward journey she invites me to take in my sessions with her. She is always able to create a loving and supportive environment for me to feel comfortable in and connect so deeply with myself and my inner child. I always leave from a session with Shelyn, feeling full, at peace, and connected."

"The experience was nothing like I imagined it would be, it was so much better! She is a gentle, kind soul who believes in helping others so much she guides and teaches through meditation. I'm looking forward to having this in my life everyday, aiding in my self healing. I have recommended her classes to others and will continue to do so as it is so beneficial and I wish more could experience this. She does more than teach a class she touches souls on such a deep level it's invigorating!"

"Dr. Somani is kind, truly compassionate, and wise beyond her years."

"I can’t say enough about this gentle soul. She’s moved mountains for me." 

"Amazing. I don't ever want to stop going back! So very helpful and therapeutic. Thank you Shelyn for being exactly you."

"I have taken the meditation as well as The Work workshops. I'm so thankful for both. Shelyn is so gentle and a good teacher. And i'll gladly take any thing she offers as I know it will only serve to benefit my life in some way."

"When I met Dr. Shelyn Somani almost 3 years ago I could never have imagined the impact she would have on my life. She introduced me to The Work by Bryon Katie through group and one on one sessions. Shelyn has administerd acupuncture on me, as well, I've taken workshops on meditation, listening to my body and communication all lead by her. Shelyn is full of passion, knowledge and a desire to help others. She has helped me more than any other thing I've tried. I would highly recommend her to anyone."

"Dr. Shelyn Somani is truly a GIFT not just to her clients but to the world. Words cannot say how very grateful I am to have come to know and trust her over the past year. As a person who has been trying to fight an extremely hard struggle from darkness for years, I have had more than enough medical advice from various medical doctors ect in the area and surrounding, none of which have truly tried to assist (take more pills is what I've experienced) with my physical, mental, or emotional health or well being. If I took 1/4 of what is so freely perscribed to me by others Dr's in the medical field, I'm am educated enough to know, I myself would have became another addicted statistic. Dr. Somani has truly had a profound and positive effect on my healing journey. As I continue on my road to health and healing with her, I encourage all to seek her out so you will truly be on the right road for all of your medical/health issues and needs."

"Dr. Somani facilitates self awareness and healing ones self. I have suffered with fibromyalgia for years and found little comfort, until now. I am on the road to recovery from just a few visits!! So grateful and thankful for your help! Keep up the good work!"

"Shelyn led a workshop for my group of women who are traders. I literally had breakthrough after breakthrough. Her voice is calming and she is highly intuitive combined with her incredible skill set. I would recommend Dr. Shelyn Somani to anyone and everyone."

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