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One way I've heard healing described is simply...a return to wholeness. To the wholeness that you ALREADY are. I love that perspective, because it's not about becoming something more, something you're not, learning more, achieving more, maintaining more, etc.. it's actually more about unlearning, deconditioning, coming back to your true self. Coming back home to yourself, as you are naturally.

One of my favourite quotes is by Byron Katie and it's "Love Is The Power". And I wholeheartedly resonate with that and that is where I work from, both personally and professionally.

We can often feel the pressure of living up to unrealistic societal standards, seeking external validation, love, and approval, and getting caught in unhealthy thinking patterns without realizing it. 

And most of it is passed down from previous generations and constantly socially reinforced. But, the good news is.. it's just conditioning!  It's not fixed. You can change it.

I have found that simply a willingness to look deeper, to question one's stressful thoughts, a willingness to heal, to develop a deeper love for oneself, a willingness to practice genuine honesty and understanding within oneself forms an antidote.  And with new understanding and practice, your brain and nervous system can rewire. Your whole body can heal on all levels. 

Being true to who you are, being yourself, taking better care of yourself, being happy.. is the healthiest way to live. When you let go of the pressure of social conformity and norms, your cortisol levels drop and tension disappears. As a result, life becomes more enjoyable with greater potential for healing - physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


The Why

The Importance of Healing

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